11th Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations

Baltimore, United States (15 May 2005)

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11th Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations
(Global Summit of the Global Network on Business Incubation)

Baltimore - 15 May 2005


The Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations (held prior to the National Business Incubation Association's 19th International Conference on Business Incubation, attended by representatives from 20 associations from 18 countries agreed to the following resolutions:

Resolution 1

The Global Network for Business Incubation (GNBI) established at the 10th Summit in New Delhi, India, will for the coming 12 months, until the 13th Global Summit, be based on the following agreements:

- The Aims of the Global Network for Business Incubation (GNBI)
are defined by the mission statement:

The Global Network for Business Incubation (GNBI), is an international partnership of business incubation associations - working free of any political or institutional interest. GBIN is aimed at adding value to its member associations by fostering and strengthening:
- Entrepreneurship support and business incubation
- Creation and implementation of business incubation "good practices"
- Exchanges of information and knowledge
- Cooperation, where relevant, between business incubation and technology park associations, and
- Knowledge dissemination about national policies and programs to support enterprise creation and local development through business incubation, technology parks and other forms of productive clusters.
This includes development of common definitions, terminology and quality measures for business incubation services.

"Terms of reference" and "behaviors"
Cooperation within the GNBI will be based on the following "terms of reference" and "behaviors":
- GNBI is an informal network of associations with distributed tasks.
- Activities of the GNBI are carried out in a way that does not compete with its member associations and networks but strengthens their development and influence.
- GNBI is mainly based on the volunteer activities and work contributions of its members. Project finances should be acquired wherever possible. Projects will be carried out under the responsibility of a GNBI member.

Global Summit
GNBI will hold at least one Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations annually.
- Global Summits will serve as the representative, decision-making body of GNBI. Decisions should be based on consensus and associations that actively participated in a decision should feel committed to implementation and "ownership" of these decisions.
- Global Summits, if possible, will be held in conjunction with a major conference on business incubation (or related) issues and in a geographical location that will attract the maximum number of delegates.
- Global Summits will be hosted by volunteer "hosts" (if possible, by a business incubation association).
- Locations of future Summits will be agreed one year in advance at the previous Global Summit.
- Global Summits will be organized by a Management Team (MT) of at least four volunteers to be agreed upon at the previous meeting. The team will include one representative from the "host" national association / location and be accountable for the efficient management of the Global Summit.
- Global Summits will be co-chaired by a representative of the host organization and at least one representative elected for this purpose by the relevant Global Summit Management Team.
- Administrative resource and support, in the short term, will be provided by the SPICE Group team. SPICE Group agrees to provide this support until the SPICE Board of Directors decides otherwise or until GNBI has secured its own (financial) resources.

GNBI Membership
Members of GNBI are leading representatives of (formal and informal) regional, national, international business incubation related associations. Sub-national (regional) associations can be GNBI members if their size and impact is comparable with the "average" national association unless they are subsidiaries of the respective national association.
Observer status can be assigned to:
- Representatives / key stakeholders from countries with business incubators but without a national network or association where this is likely to benefit the incubation industry and prompt formation of or involvement in a national or regional network or association.
- Representatives / key stakeholders of other entities/ bodies/ institutions supporting business incubation

GNBI Structure and Organization
- A GNBI Steering Committee with seven members will represent GNBI. Six of the members will be elected by the Global Summit for a four-year term. The seventh member will be the representative of the host of the next Global Summit.
- The GNBI Steering Committee should represent the geographical regions of the world.
- Members of the Steering Committee will act as speakers and champions for GNBI for their region.
- The GNBI Steering Committee will elect one of its members as the GNBI Speaker for a one-year term. Re-election is possible only after a different speaker has served for at least one year.
- The Global Summit or the GNBI Steering Committee may establish task forces or committees if specific tasks require so. Members may delegate individuals to work on such task forces or committees and/or for projects.
- GNBI will not have a juridical status or representation.

GNBI Finances
- GNBI is based on the volunteer work and resources of its members.
- Project funding will be sought from different sources as soon as possible. Projects will be carried out under the responsibility of (a group of) GNBI member(s). If such projects are acquired with the support of GNBI, the responsible member commits to contributing an agreed-upon portion of the funding for purposes of GNBI.
- The Global Summit may decide on basic annual membership contributions to support a minimal secretarial infrastructure if such support is needed to forward the work of GNBI.

Resolution 2

The Summit established the following work groups:

Information Dissemination: To promote business incubation and to capture and disseminate information and tools that can be used by incubators, their stakeholders and policy makers. The existing iDISC web site and tool kit will be used as the platform for dissemination, with progressive improvement of the site and its functionality. This will be achieved by providing more information through iDISC and by opening the web site for different languages to increase regional relevance and usage of the web site.

Associations agreed:
- To provide information (tools, templates, success stories, case studies, etc.) for the iDISC Web site (at least one contribution per association before the next Summit)
- To market the iDISC Web site actively, e.g., by providing a link from the associations' Web sites
- To volunteer work to an "editorial board" for editing contributions to iDISC and selecting information for translation
Coordinator of activities of this work group: ANPROTEC, Paulo Miranda

Professional Development: This work group is set up to help develop tools and training for supporting the professional development of business incubation program management in different environments worldwide. This includes regional as well as global aspects. Summit participants, as a basis for this activity, agreed to provide their view on the "10 relevant competencies of business incubation managers" to the work group coordinator.
Coordinator of activities of this work group: UK Business Incubation, Peter Harman

Business Incubation Research: Summit participants agreed that material from research on business incubation is not sufficient and needs to be improved. Gaps were identified especially in information about business incubation activities globally, outcomes of business incubation programs (e.g. such as job creation or tax revenues). The first initiative of this work group will be to generate a set of questions that associations can use to survey their members to generate global data.
Coordinator of activities of this work group: AABI, Rustam Lalkaka

Resolution 3

It is confirmed that the next Global Business Incubation Summit will be held in Sheffield, UK at the Annual Conference of UK Business Incubation (November 27 - 29, 2005).

For the 12th Summit the Management Team will consist of representatives named by AABI, ANPROTEC, BIIA, KOBIA, SABTIA, SiSP, UKBI (host association), and SPICE. It is agreed that these organisations will:
- Identify their representative to join the management team
- Organize the Global Summit
Other organizations of the Global Network are encouraged to take part in this process.

**Delegates **

Those attending The Global Summit on Business Incubation on 15 May 2005 and reaching agreement on this Resolution included:

AABI, Asian Association of Business Incubators
Hong Kim, President
Rustam Lalkaka, Advisor

ADT, Bundesverband Deutscher Technologie- und Gr├╝nderzentren, Germany Rolf Friedrichsdorf, Vice President

AMIRE, Mexican Association of Technology Parks and Business Incubators Juan Villalvazo-Naranjo

ANPROTEC, Brazilian Association of Science Parks and Business Incubators Christiano Becker, Director, Board Member
Paulo Miranda, Managing Director
BIIA, Business Innovation & Incubation Australia
Bob Waite, Chairman
Julian Webb, Vice Chairman
CABI, Canadian Association of Business Incubators, Canada Marie Lussier, President
Ed Hobbs, Chairman
CABIN, Central Asian Business Incubators' Network, Kazakhstan Tatyana Shpuling, Regional Manager and Delegate
CASTIP - the Incubation Sub-Committee, China
Wang Rong, Vice Director
Wang Zhen, Assistant Director
Italian BIC Association, Italy Luigi Campitelli, Chairman
INCUBATORS NZ, New Zealand Dave Wrathall, Delegate
JANBO, Japan Association of new Business Incubation Organizations Satoshi Hoshino, Deputy Secretary
Yoshimi Kajikawa
KABIC, Kazakhstan Association of Business Incubators and Innovation Centers Tatyana Shpuling, Representative

KOBIA, Korean Business Incubation Association Bong Jin Cho, President
NBIA, National Business Incubation Association, USA
Dinah Adkins, President and CEO
Lisa Ison, Chairwoman
PBICA, Polish Business Incubator and Innovation Center Association Krzysztof Zasiadly, Vice President

SABTIA, South African Business and Technology and Incubation Association Odette Potter, President
Steven Giddings, Board Member
SiSP, Swedish Incubators and Science Parks
Asa Knutson, Member and Contact person
Mary Spaeth, Swedish Delegate
SPICE, Science Park & Innovation Center Expert Group Heinz Fiedler, President
Larisa Brovarska, Project Manager
UK Business Incubation
Peter Harman, Deputy Chief Executive
Toni Wanklin, Development Manager
URONOVA, Uruguay Association of Business Incubators Manuel Bello, Delegate

Country Representative

(CBIA - Chinese Business Incubation Association) Lee Lin Lee, Founder & CEO In6 IncuVestor Inc. Taipei

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