19th Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations

Berlin, Germany (22 Sep 2008)

At the Annual conference 2008 of ADT, German Federal Association of Business Incubation and Technology Centers - celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the association - the 19th Global Summit of Business Incubation associations was held in Berlin, Germany. Associations representatives of 7 nations attendd the Summit (Bahran, Germany, Latvia, Belgium, Sweden, and United Kingdom attended. Main topics of discussion (no decisions were taken) were:
Work Group Professional Development: the delegates agreed that tools for successful business incubation management should be collected and discussed for further improving the quality of business incubation. Especially measuring success of business incubation initiatives remains a challenge.
Work Group Research: As there is a need for more information regarding monitoring and evaluation of business incubator performance the work group should include tools in this area in their scope of work. Questions that are especially interesting under this topic are evaluation criteria / similarities and differences in regional, national, and international comparison, and "standard" set of data (minimum - optimum). Regarding the collection of information for the international business incubation directory no changes regarding the actual draft (set of data for the directory) were made.
Work Group Information Dissemination: The basic paper developed under the lead of Peter Harman needs further input from all associations - especially high level quotes and will be presented to the next Summit for approval.
The First Global Business Incubation Day in December has listed some 70 countries planning to participate with videos, ministers meetings, four-day business incubation events, day of open doors and many more initiatives.
All delegates agreed to further market this initiative for widening the basis of participation. From the final report to be issued after the GBID interesting conclusions for further such initiatives are to be expected.

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