14th Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations

Hyderabad, India (11 Nov 2006)

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The 14th Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations was held in Hyderabad, India, after the Second Global Forum on Business Incubation hosted by infoDev and the Government of India.
The 14th GBIN Summit agreed on a Resolution and adoped an Agremment on further activities of the GBIN.
Fourteenth Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations
Hyderabad, India, 11th November, 2006

Since 8 years the Global Business Incubation Network (GBIN) is linking and representing the world's leading business incubation associations to exchange knowledge and information and provide information about developments in entrepreneurship support.

Through its communications and meetings, especially the Global Summit, held at least once each year, GBIN works to combine the experience and ambition of the various organizations in the worldwide incubation industry to create a global presence, to promote incubation as an essential industry for development, to support efforts worldwide to develop the industry and the professionalism of the people working in the industry, and to promote entrepreneurship and inform entrepreneurs about the essential role incubators can perform for them.

On 11 November 2006, members of the GBIN, representing 12 countries and 10 associations of incubation programs in both developed and developing economies, convened a meeting in Hyderabad India upon completion of the infoDev 2nd Global Forum on Business Incubation: Empowering Economies through ICT-enabled Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The participants at that meeting agreed that the 2nd Global Forum had been a significant success and that the overall work of infoDev's Incubator Initiative, begun in 2002, has been invaluable in encouraging incubation programs and through them supporting IC-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship among developing countries.

Among the various subjects addressed, the results of the Global Forum were reviewed and it was the consensus of the Hyderabad meeting, later confirmed by other associations, that infoDev should be commended for its outstanding work in incubation and should be encouraged to continue and evolve that work to fulfill the wishes and needs of the growing industry throughout the developing countries.


Members of the Global Business Incubation Network are resolved to convey the following to the infoDev organization and to its supporters and funding institutions:
1. To express its appreciation and support for the infoDev Incubation Initiative and the various activities it has facilitated in regard to the effective use of business incubation for empowering economies through ICT-enabled innovation and entrepreneurship.
2. To acknowledge that infoDev, as one of the truly neutral organizations focused on incubation, is vitally important to the continued growth and development of valuable incubators and incubation programs throughout developing economies.
3. To identify the exceptional value of its financial support for new and growing business incubators and incubation programs and their impact on innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises in developing economies; for the opportunities to participate in the lst and 2nd Global Forums on Business incubation; and especially for its facilitation of the creation of regional networks of incubators.
4. To especially encourage the continued growth of its iDISC website (infoDev Incubation Service Center) which is an essential global tool for the creation and dissemination of research on incubation, existing tools for successfully assisting new and growing enterprises, and lessons learned in incubation in both the developed and developing economies.
5. To pledge to provide information to the iDISC website (infoDev Incubation Service Center) for developing together a knowledge base for business incubation covering all aspects of the various types and environments of incubation activities around the world.
Delegates of the Hyderabad Summit reaching these agreements:

Australia: BIIA - Business Innovation & Incubation Australia
Julian Webb, Delegate

Omer Oz, Country Representative

Bulgaria: NBDN - National Business Development Network
Rositza Djambazova, Delegate

New Zealand (Incubators New Zealand INZ)
Richard White, Delegate

Germany: German Federal Association of Business Incubation and Technology Centers (ADT)
Rolf Friedrichsdorf, Vice Chairman, Delegate

India Indian Science Park and Business Incubation Association (ISBA)
P.K.B Menon, President, Delegate
Harkesh Mittal, NSTED, Observer
R.M.P. Jawahar, Observer
R. Raghunandan, Delegate

Kazakh Association of Business Incubation and Innovation Centers (KABIC)
Tatyana Shpuling, Delegate
Elmira Sugurbekova, Observer

Libya (ELITE)
Mohamed Alaswad, Delegate

Mexican Business Incubator and Technology Park Association (AMIRE)
Juan Villalvazo Naranjo (AMIEPAT), Delegate
Morris Schwarzblat-Katz, Observer
Adrian Flores Perez, Observer
Ernesto Lopez, Observer

Mercedes Barcelon, Country representative
Guillermo Luz, Observer

Heinz Fiedler, President, Delegate

Uruguay Association of Technology Parks and Business Incubators (URONOVA)
Manuel Bello, Delegate
German Martinez, Observer

Barbara Harley, SPICE Group Vice President, Delegate
Dinyar Lalkaka, Observer

Information for download (click on the title to download):

2006-14th Hyderabad Summit Resolution final.pdf
2006-14th Hyderabad Summit Resolution final.pdf

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