12th Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations

Sheffield, United Kingdom (27 Nov 2005)

The Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations (held in Sheffield, United Kingdom on 27th November 2005, prior to the UKBI's 7th Annual International Conference, "BI 7: Future Success") was attended by representatives and observers from 11 Associations and 10 dif-ferent countries. It agreed to the following resolutions.

The Global Network of Business Incubation is a true representative formulation of the global Business Incubation Community and therefore, as a pioneering movement, confronts, addresses and tries to resolve various issues engaging the Business Incubation Community today. Being the key consortium of one of the most innovative development mechanisms in history representing one of the greatest innovations of the last century's industrialization pro-cess, the Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations serves as the platform for knowledge exchange across the Business Incubation Community and forges the joint action launch pad for promoting synergistic and co-operative initiatives among national and regional business incubation associations. The Summit recognizes various issues raised by different business incubation communities across the world and jointly reflects and responds to the concerns of participating member communities, co-operatively.
The Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations strives to articulate and act upon the issues pertaining to the global Business Incubation Community to ensure on-going development of business incubation. The Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations recognises the diversity and pluralism of the Business Incubation Community and endeavours to enable understanding and collective effort for the overall benefit of the community by bringing together many capabilities among its members to achieve targeted initiatives of the Summit resolutions. This effort is the primary object of the Global Network and its summits.
The Global Summit facilitates new visions, organic growth, synergies and new momentum for the Global Network for Business Incubation and its member associations. The challenges before individual business incubators and national business incubation associations are transformed into new opportunities for future growth and prosperity in the face of the collective efforts and inputs of the Global Summit. Therefore it is important to focus more on the organisations, work plans and programmes of the Global Network and to realize its aspirations progressively, quickly and efficiently. The enthusiasm, new initiatives and enterprise of members provide momentum to the Global Network and its contributions to the community. Thus the Global Summit provides a stocktaking opportunity not only for new initiatives across the world of business incubation but also for gathering and gaining understanding and ad-dressing the concerns of its participating members. As such, Summit interactions provide numerous trigger points for new visioning, which might subsequently find its way to reality through its member associations and its business incubation members.

Those attending The Twelfth Global Summit of Business Incubation Association on 27th No-vember, 2005 and reaching agreement on these Resolutions included:
UK Business Incubation
Peter Harman, Deputy Chief Executive
NBIA, National Business Incubation Association, USA
Dinah Adkins, President and CEO
ADT, Bundesverband Deutscher Technologie - und Gr├╝nderzentren, Germany
Rolf Friedrichsdorf, Vice President
ISBA, Indian Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Parks and Business Incubators Association
R. M. P. Jawahar, Vice President
Enterprise Ireland
Grainn Ni Uid, Manager - Campus Incubation
SABTIA, South African Business and Technology and Incubation Association
Odette Potter, President
JANBO, Japan Association of New Business Incubation Organizations
Satoshi Hoshino, CEO, IM Training Institute
Netherlands Incubation Association
Pim de Bokx, Chairman
Foundation of Romanian Business and Innovation Centers (FRBIC)
Ioan Piturescu, Vice-President
Lancashire Country Council
Iain Bennett, Director
QBIC, Quebec Biotechnology Innovation Centre
Normand de Montigny, Executive Director

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