SPICE News http://www.spice-group.de SPICE News Wed, 15 Aug 2018 12:59:35 +0200 http://www.spice-group.de en http://www.spice-group.de/img/logo_spice.gif SPICE http://www.spice-group.de/ Craft you Innovation, Transform you community and learn about AI and KPIs http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2114 Aug 16, 2018 SPICE more]]> Australia: Smart50 Awards 2018 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2113 Aug 15, 2018 SPICE more]]> New 10 million Venture Fund for Blockchain Startups http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2112 Aug 14, 2018 SPICE more]]> 30 Years - German Innovation Center Association celebrates http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2111 Aug 13, 2018 SPICE more]]> Brinc IoT Accelerator Program started in Bahrain http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2110 Aug 12, 2018 SPICE more]]> Munich Startup Ecosystem enjoys a positive Spirit of Optimism http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2109 Aug 11, 2018 SPICE more]]> Government invests in York Butter Factory’s new Web 3.0 Hub http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2107 Aug 10, 2018 SPICE more]]> Rolling Hackathon Belarus - Lativia http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2108 Aug 10, 2018 SPICE more]]> TuksNovation – a new university based Startup Hub in Pretoria http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2106 Aug 09, 2018 SPICE more]]> AU$ 500.000 for International Startup Experts http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2105 Aug 08, 2018 SPICE more]]> Go East! Destinations are India, Singapore, Indonesia and China http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2104 Aug 07, 2018 SPICE more]]> New Co-working Space in Vientiane, Laos http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2103 Aug 06, 2018 SPICE more]]> Finding stolen Cars via SMS http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2102 Aug 05, 2018 SPICE more]]> PowerUp! 2018 Winner is Zubax Robotix from Estonia http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2101 Aug 04, 2018 SPICE more]]> BITO PROCEED Accelerator Program http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2100 Aug 03, 2018 SPICE more]]> One Year free Co-working Space in Melbourne http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2099 Aug 02, 2018 SPICE more]]> Slush Helsinki 2018 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2098 Aug 01, 2018 SPICE more]]> 7th Women Startup Challenge Europe in Paris http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2097 Jul 31, 2018 SPICE more]]> deGUT - 34th German Founders and Entrepreneurs Days http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2096 Jul 30, 2018 SPICE more]]> andquot;Innovation Basel“ is calling for Proposals http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2095 Jul 29, 2018 SPICE more]]> 10th MedaWomen Forum http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2094 Jul 28, 2018 SPICE more]]> Pitch for 1 Million at StartCon Australia http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2093 Jul 27, 2018 SPICE more]]> Platform for West African Women in Tech http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2092 Jul 26, 2018 SPICE more]]> Applications open for Startup Chile Generation 21 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2091 Jul 25, 2018 SPICE more]]> Hackathon aboard a Royal Air Maroc Boeing 747 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2090 Jul 24, 2018 SPICE more]]> PepsiCo launches own Startup Accelerator http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2089 Jul 23, 2018 SPICE more]]> Grants 4 Apps invites for the Kick-off Event for the 5th Round http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2088 Jul 22, 2018 SPICE more]]> Hamburg Founders Award http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2087 Jul 21, 2018 SPICE more]]> DEV Camp 2018 to be held in Hamburg http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2085 Jul 20, 2018 SPICE more]]> Victoria got a new Home for Innovation http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2086 Jul 20, 2018 SPICE more]]> New FinTech Hub in Bahrain now is open http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2084 Jul 19, 2018 SPICE more]]> Startup Hubs at “Innov Invest Day” in Casablanca http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2082 Jul 17, 2018 SPICE more]]> Zurich Kraftwerk will get 35 new Tech Tenants in Autumn http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2083 Jul 16, 2018 SPICE more]]> Chicago gets a new FandB Business Incubator http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2081 Jul 15, 2018 SPICE more]]> Public Services Startup Weekend in Prague http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2079 Jul 14, 2018 SPICE more]]> New Online Hub: CzechStartups.org http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2080 Jul 14, 2018 SPICE more]]> The Winners of the EU Sustainable Energy Awards 2018 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2078 Jul 13, 2018 SPICE more]]> Regional Innovation Facilitators appointed in Australia http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2077 Jul 12, 2018 SPICE more]]> New building for Heidelberg’s high-tech Founders: Shell completed http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2076 Jul 11, 2018 SPICE more]]> LaFactory in Casablanca started Scalerator program http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2075 Jul 09, 2018 SPICE more]]> The 8 Startups that pitched at Seedstars Harare - Rera is the Winner http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2074 Jul 08, 2018 SPICE more]]> Transparency and Quality Standards for Swiss Apps http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2073 Jul 07, 2018 SPICE more]]> Smart Station Zurich – Opportunity for Startups http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2072 Jul 06, 2018 SPICE more]]> The sixth Startups @ Reeperbahn is open for Applications http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2071 Jul 05, 2018 SPICE more]]> David against Goliath: How we take Economics into our own Hands http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2070 Jun 26, 2018 SPICE more]]> Startup Village Black Forest, Missing Entrepreneurs and the Promotion of regional Offers http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2068 Jun 24, 2018 SPICE more]]> Fertility Tracker: Ava AG wins Swiss Medtech Award 2018 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2069 Jun 22, 2018 SPICE more]]> ZGC InnoHub in Heidelberg officially opened http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2067 Jun 21, 2018 SPICE more]]> Maritime Accelerator launched in Turku http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2066 Jun 19, 2018 SPICE more]]> AfriLabs Annual Gathering 2018 together with Sahara Sparks 2018 http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2065 Jun 18, 2018 SPICE more]]> Vertical in Helsinki launched International Startup Collaboration Program http://www.spice-group.de/pumbaa/?art=2064 Jun 17, 2018 SPICE more]]>