How to Become Member

Basic Information for New Members of the ICECE / SPICE Group

No, you do not yet know the "A & O Document" ("Aims & Organization" of SPICE Group). Click here if you want to read it now. But possibly you first want to have a short introduction:

Quote: "Do not ask what SPICE can do for you. Ask what you can do for SPICE".
The SPICE network is aimed at active, personal cooperation and exchange between the members based on mutual trust. To create that trust members must know each other, have practical experience with working together. Membership in the SPICE Group provides valuable opportunities for cooperation.

Membership develops in 2 steps:

Step 1: Membership begins with a trial period which is called "ICECE phase" This trial period lasts 6–24 months to find out if both sides find cooperation beneficial and enjoyable and are ready for further commitment.

During the "ICECE phase" members have the same rights and obligations as SPICE members (including the payment of annual coordination fees) with two exceptions:

Step 2: SPICE membership will be established if the experience of step 1 leads to be mutual agreement that a permanent commitment is "the right thing". SPICE membership is for a lifetime and independent of the professional situation. Therefore the decision to become a SPICE member should be considered carefully (see step 1).

For further information about the potential and activities of the SPICE network please browse:

After becoming a member you will receive

No rule without exception: Leading representatives of business incubation and technology park associations may become member of SPICE Group without any formalities. A simple declaration is sufficient (plus a signed "A & O document").

Last but not least: please do not forget that the SPICE network will give you as much as you feed in. We need your annual fees to cover some parts of the administrational cost. But more importantly, we need your active participation to make the SPICE network beneficial to you and the other members.

Welcome to the ICECE / SPICE Group!

* ICECE was the genesis of the SPICE Group. ICECE stands for "Innovation Centers in Eastern and Central Europe" Work Group. As the network became global, ICECE altered to stand for "Innovation Center Experts Curiously Explore" or "...Check Expertise" or "...Can Experience"... It is open for your interpretation.


To try SPICE Group membership you may fill out the online registration

Or you may use the traditional way by contacting:

The SPICE Group Secretariat Germany


Niedstr. 40
12159 Berlin

Tel.: +49-30-851 03708
Fax: +49-30-851 03712