SPICA Directory will terminate operation soon

Sep 21, 2019. Provided by: Heinz Fiedler

After 18 years of activity we are sorry for having to announce that SPICA Directory will have to terminate activities in October 2019.... more

Walk the Talks – early Bird Tickets for Pioneers ‘19

Sep 24, 2018. Provided by: Heinz Fiedler

The next edition of the annual „Pioneers“ will be held in Vienna on May 9-10, 2019. Under the headline “Walk the Talks” the event will deal with questions like “Will we become a trans-planetary species within our lifetime? Will we be able to print out fully functional organs? Will we fly to work in pods or even work at all? Will we find love with robots? Pioneers'19, ... more

350 Innovation Centers, 4,400 companies, 277,400 jobs – Reasons to celebrate

Sep 13, 2018. Provided by: Heinz Fiedler

30th Anniversary of German Federal Innovation Center AssociationManagers of the German innovation and technology centers met in Berlin September 11-12, 2018, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the association and discuss the role of innovation centers in the changing world. The centers see themselves as trend setters and companions for their clients. At the anniversary conference, hosted by Camp... more

Smart Talks in Palestine Technopark

Sep 12, 2018. Provided by: Heinz Fiedler

With finance from India, Palestine Technopark (PTP) began to develop in 2016. Birzeit University has donated 20,000 sm for the benefit of the Palestine Techno Park for Phase 1, with additional 10,000 sqm for subsequent development. The PTP was set up to help transitioning Palestine towards knowledge-based economy, to cluster local technology sectors and integrate it with global value chains and cr... more

Hamburg`s Creatives got a new Magazine

Sep 11, 2018. Provided by: Heinz Fiedler

The new online magazine of “Hamburg Creative” covers a range of topics reaching from concrete tips for starting a career and self-employment, interesting start-up stories that are related to sponsorship offers, as well as focus reports on topics of the future such as new technologies and forms of work. The magazine aims at adding to the offerings of Hamburg Creative like workshops, lec... more