52nd SPICE Meeting 84th ICECE Work Group event

Paris, France
21 Feb – 23 Mar 2002

The "European Forum on Business Incubation", organized by Claudine Schmuck and her small private company "Global Contact" brought together some 200 representatives from venture / seed capital funds as well as other finan-cial institutions with business incubation experts and entrepreneurs Europe and the United States. Dinah Adkins, CEO of the National Business Incubation Association, USA, and "SPICE Girl" form the early days of the network provided as a keynote speaker latest insights into the US experience in business incubation. In a special session on ex-perience from business incubation in Central and Eastern Europe SPICE members Jacek Gulinski (PBICA, Poland), Mircea Slanina (TEHNOPOLIS Iasi, Romania), Janis Stabulnieks (LLABC, Latvia) and SPICE president Heinz Fiedler (Germany) presented short statements on actual topics to initiate discussion between the participants.

In the following SPICE Meeting guest speakers highlighted actual developments of entrepreneurship promotion in their countries: David Rowe, CEO of Warwick Science Park, United Kingdom, reported on actual initiatives to bring to-gether business incubators/technology parks with venture and seed capital, Rositsa Djambazova (Bulgaria) provided an overview on business incubator development in her country and Antal Szabo (Switzerland) informed about the UNECE activities in entrepreneurship promotion.