54th SPICE Meeting 86th ICECE Work Group event

Prague, Czech Republic
6 – 7 Jun 2002

First time SPICE Group cooperated with BJU, the German Association of Young Entrepreneurs. The annual conference of this association attracted more than 100 German entrepreneurs to visit the "Golden City" Prague. A fertile environment for a Czech-German Business-to-Business Meeting jointly organized by SPICE Group and BJU with financial support from the German Federal Ministry for Economy. This event brought together some 50 companies from both countries. The areas of business interests covered many different topics, e.g. entertainment (a new musical in Prague), medicine technologies, construction, building materials or machine tools - to name just a few. This wide range of interests mirrors the lively development of business relations between the two countries based on pre-paring for EU membership of Czech Republic which is expected to be achieved within the coming years. SPICE Member Jan Vrátnik was the main partner on the Czech side to attract potential partners for international business cooperation and organize this event. Jaromir Horak joined with Heinz Fiedler to discuss future activities and projects in Czech Republic.