51st SPICE Meeting 83rd ICECE Work Group event

Bratislava, Slovakia
11 Mar 2002

10 years BIC Bratislava, Slovakia were celebrated in Slovakia's Capital. This Business and Innovation Center was one of the first BICs in Central and Eastern Europe receiving financial support from the European Union. During ten years of operation BIC Bratislava developed well and meanwhile is a fully private operation. Last year the center expanded into a renovated building across the street—already is fully let. Now the neighboring building is the target for further growth.

What is special about BIC Bratislava? Well, there are a number of things to be said. First of all it is unique, that the four persons who started the BIC ten years ago, still are the partners in the project. Stefan Vrátny, Roman Linczenyi, Jan Grega and Jan Strelecky did not only develop the business incubator. They have established the "BIC Group" and meanwhile are internationally accepted experts in a number of EU and other projects, such as the EU Innovation Relay Center (IRC) and the Euro Info Center(EIC) operated by / in BIC Bratislava as well as the "BIO Incubator" in the Institute for Molecular Biology. The success of this BIC is confirmed by the fact that, as Jacques Pronck stated, "BIC Bratislava is "certainly one of the first BICs in CEE countries which will be screened successfully for the new 'BIC Quality Label' which has been introduced by the European Union". At the anniversary reception political prominence congratulated, as well as BIC partners from Austria and Hungary and Germany.Among them SPICE Boys Tivadar Lippényi from Budapest and Heinz Fiedler, Berlin. The success of the first 10 years of work are a good basis for the future – and the BIC Team has many ideas and projects "in the pipeline"..