81st ICECE Work Group event

Vincovci, Croatia
22 – 24 Nov 2001

A Qualification Seminar for experts in economic development, business support and technology transfer as well as for entrepreneurs was held in Vincovci. This city near the border between Croatia, Yugoslavia and Bosnia-Herzegovina suffered much during the war. The damages still can be seen in this area which urgently needs new entrepreneurial initiatives. With this seminar held by Karl-Heinz Klinger and Heinz Fiedler as moderators / trainers a cornerstone was laid for future activities to support business incubation and innovation projects in the region. Zvonimir Cordasic, head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the region, led the preparations for the seminar, the selection of participants and participated as a speaker. He expects many impulses resulting form the seminar for the entrepreneurship and business development of the region.