47th SPICE Meeting 79th ICECE Work Group event

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
23 – 26 Oct 2001

This first World Conference on Business Incubation attracted almost 600 delegates from 28n countries to Brazil. The well prepared and organized conference offered insight into the development of business incubation around the globe and provided fertile ground for making new and maintain established contacts. Luis Bermudos, President of the Brazilian Association of Business Incubators and Technology Parks, ANPROTECH, was a perfect host of the conference and could present impressing successes of business incubation in his country.

The SPICE meeting was well attended and focussed on the future structure of SPICE Group. The main question—becoming a formal association or not—was answered the same way as in Poznan: Yes, SPICE Group will establish a formal association. But this does not mean, the network becomes formal. One of the most important advantages of this cooperation, the personal, informal and fast cooperation, has to be maintained. The formal part of the network will serve as a tool—not more tan that. Another topic was the SPICE Internet presentation including an online version of SPICA Directory. The presented draft for the homepage was approved and green light was given for "going public" with this presentation as soon as possible.