46th SPICE Meeting 78th ICECE Work Group event

Poznan, Poland
16 – 19 Oct 2001

The PBICA Conference in Kiekrz, Poland. attracted almost 80 participants from Poland and abroad—including a delegation from Kazakhstan. Presentations and discussions were focussed on the preparations for the European Union.

Highest quality presentations covered a wide range of topics related with business incubation and support for small and medium sized enterprises. Development in science & technology parks, business incubators, business support centers as well as the EU sponsored activities like Innovation Relay Centers or EURO Info Centers were presented and discussed in an open and constructive atmosphere. A well prepared and organized conference—worth attending. This already was the 12th Annual conference of PBICA and those who are active in national associations know how difficult it is to "keep the fire burning". Jacek Gulinski, PBICA President, Krzysztof Zasiadly, Board Member, and the team in the PBICA office in Poznan again succeeded making this conference a focal point for business incubation in Central and Eastern Europe.

Of course the traditional PBICA bonfire, "trademark" of this event, was not missing. This year the weather was very supportive: An enjoyable Indian Summer. Life music, shashlik, barbecue sausages, beer, hot wine and dancing made this night something to remember under the stars in the sky...and ready for the SPICE meeting:

Main topics of the SPICE meeting were projects, SPICA Directory and Elections for the Board. SPICA Directory, took much of the work capacity of the secretariats during more than a year—now publication at the WCBI in Rio de Janeiro could be announced. The expansion of the Board of SPICE Group to seven members was decided to ensure a better geographical representation of this global network. And the new Board of SPICE group was elected: President: Heinz Fiedler (Germany); Vice Presidents: Janis Stabulnieks (Latvia) and Krzysztof Zasiadly (Poland) and Regional Directors: Peter Asmussen (Denmark), Barbara Harley (USA), Slava Khodko (Russia), Stefan Vratny (Slovakia).

Some words about the place for this SPICE 10th Anniversary meeting: A truly unique venue. The "Water-Mill-Wheel Restaurant" is new but built in old village style. Located next to a small lake this is a romantic place. Many details of the building (doors, furniture, equipment, etc.) are authentically old and make you feel like being in a historical environment. SPICE Group met in the "Old fashioned Club" with coffee and tea served in pots and coming with tasty cookies. This helped over the hours of discussion. Later dinner was served in the bigger hall. Simple, original Polish cuisine specialties was offered. House wine and beer were served in jugs.