77th ICECE Work Group event

Lviv, Ukraine
27 – 29 Sep 2001

The UBICA Conference in Lviv, Ukraine, held during the "German—Ukrainian Business Cooperation Week" (sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology as well as the State of Saxonia) attracted a large number of participants from Ukraine and abroad. Not only experts in business incubation, technology transfer and commercialization, but also entrepreneurs from both countries. Luba Maksymovych (Business Incubator Lviv, and her team again demonstrated her abilities to not only prepare an excellent an effective event, but at the same time made all participants enjoy the city. Igor Leleka (UBICA, Kiev, supported by Krzysztof Zasiadly and Heinz Fiedler one more time succeeded bringing together the right people for an informative conference with engaged discussions. And, last not least, Elena Uschakowa ( ADT Berlin, made the business-to-business meetings a successful event. A number of concrete business projects were developed during the roundtables and individual. Such projects as well may have an impact on the coming workshops and conferences, e.g. the one on "Innovation Policy" scheduled for Kiev, later this year.