46th SPICE Meeting 76th ICECE Work Group event

Bucharest, Romania
22 – 23 Sep 2001

The 2nd NATO Advanced Research Seminar in Romania was attended by twenty-four delegates representing 18 countries. They met under the chairmanship of Richard Bendis to identify opportunities for overcoming barriers to technology transfer and business commercialization in Central and Eastern Europe.

The meeting was organized as a "roundtable forum" for interactive discussion. The foundations for the discussion were barriers identified as a "top ten list" of challenges to technology transfer and commercialization in Central and Eastern Europe. The result of discussion and voting was a list of important recommendations aimed at supporting technology commercialization: Finally, "Implementation Teams" were organized to implement the recommendations. Each team was charged to initiate a virtual planning process through e-mail communication, telephone discussions and the like, to create action plans for implementation of the recommendations.