42nd SPICE Meeting 72nd ICECE Work Group event

San Jose, California, United States
16 – 26 May 2001

Hard to imagine a better environment for the first SPICE Group Anniversary Workshop than the NBIA Conference, organized by SPICE member Dinah Adkins and her team with more than 730 participants, the International Business Incubators with Barbara Harley and her co-developer Ingrid Rosten as the local hosts, the 4th World Summit of business incubation associations and the Silicon Valley with its business, venture capital and entrepreneurial climate around. The SPICE Workshop was attended by 19 participants (14 members) from 12 countries. Of course the discussions and presentations were excellent and informative—too much to be mentioned in this Chronicle. Therefore the workshop lasted much longer than initially expected.

As this event was a SPICE Study Tour as well, the visits to some of the different business incubators of San Jose (from arts to international) have to be mentioned as well as the personal contacts with professionals from all over the world including the Silicon Valley. Here the outstanding event was CHEZ HARLEY, a reception given by Barbara Harley in her home. Conversations lasted till late at night—even if the habits of "Siliconia" do not allow too long talks. Food and drinks would have lasted longer—but next days program was waiting...

However one "first" has to be mentioned. The First SPICE Group Painting. Acrylic colors on canvas now show to the world how SPICE sees the Innovation Bridges for the future. The painting is 6 by 1 meters and jointly produced by all participants. The first piece of "SPICE Art".