67th ICECE Work Group event

Slavsko, Ukraine
2 – 5 Mar 2001

The first ICECE/SPICE activity of the year 2001 was a German—Ukrainian Training Seminar held Slavsko, a winter resort in the Carpatian mountains near the West-Ukrainian Capital Lviv. The training program, sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology, was aimed at providing knowledge in promotion of international business cooperation to Ukrainian professionals in business support. Organized by SPICE Group and ADT this seminar already was the second held training in Ukraine. Speakers and moderators were SPICE members Heinz Fiedler and Franz Dietrich as well as Karl-Heinz Klinger. The local host and organizer, the Business Incubation Center Lviv, provided a perfect environment for the event. Luba Maksymovych, managing director of the incubator uses the opportunity not only to demonstrate her skills as a perfect host, but also reported on the impressive results of her incubator.