37th SPICE Meeting 64th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Kassel, Germany
29 – 31 Oct 2000

At the annual conference of ADT an international workshop was held to discuss the experience gained from projects to promote business-to-business cooperation of SMEs in different countries. Experts from 10 countries attended this workshop, which was part of the project ADT/SPICE is carrying out with support from the German Federal Ministry of Economy. Results of this workshop—besides learning from each other—were some ideas how to organize b-t-b events more effectively in the future, e.g. by concentrating on specific technology or business areas.

At the conference reception Guido Baranowski, Chairman of the ADT, honored Heinz Fiedler for his active engagement in the field of innovation centers—from starting the BIG, Berlin in 1983 through the foundation of ADT and serving the association for more than ten years on the Board, to the global cooperation today. After the conference an international group traveled Germany to study innovation centers in the country. Berlin, Dortmund, Hamburg and Buxtehude were on the itinerary.