35th SPICE Meeting 62nd ICECE Work Group Meeting

Malbork, Poland
9 – 12 Oct 2000

Organized on initiative of ICECE member Barbara Bakowska, the Castle of Malbork, Poland hosted a conference "Institutional forms of training and advises for small enterprises, women and youth in the regions of particular danger of unemployment as an element of self-employment in the European Union environment". Barbara Bakowska in her responsibility as President of Association for Development of City of Paslek has to deal with problems of unemployment and poverty—especially for the young generation and women. This conference brought together speakers and delegates from Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Ukraine and Romania, and- all of them experienced practitioners in programs fighting the mentioned problems. The conference also was a good opportunity to develop the Polish—Ukrainian collaboration.

The ancient Castle of the Cross Knights offered a perfect environment and the right atmosphere for a SPICE meeting in style. ICECE / SPICE members present were Barbara Bakowska and Krzysztof Zasiadly (Poland); Julia Kuznetsova (Ukraine), Peter Asmussen (Denmark); Berta Benedek (Romania) and Oleksiy Korsun (Ukraine).