34th SPICE Meeting 61st ICECE Work Group meeting

Poznan, Poland
28 – 30 Sep 2000

The Annual conference of the most experienced Central / East European association of innovation centers, PBICA, was held again in Poznan, the place of the first Polish business incubator and the first operational technology park of the country. An important topic this year was the process of preparing for the EU membership of Poland and what this means for business and innovation centers. Jacek Gulinski, President of PBICA, organized this conference supported by Krzysztof Zasiadly first time directly in the city of Poznan in an unusual conference center, a building which was used as the main tribune for the World Canoeing Championship in 1990. Although this place in almost right in the city center of Poznan, it is a beautiful and enjoyable environment with much nature. This contributed much to the relaxed atmosphere (so did the traditional bonfire) and fruitful contacts at this contacts—for example with a Romanian delegation, led by Mircea Slanina, visiting Poznan to learn directly from Polish experience how to build a science and technology park.