30th SPICE Meeting 57th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Budapest, Hungary
4 – 6 Aug 2000

Part 1 was the "Special SPICE Workshop" to contribute to further developing the business plan for the technology business incubator in the InfoPark Budapest. The workshop was organized to secure the latest "hands-on" advice from internationally experienced practitioners A very interesting and exciting topic indeed—even for experts with more than 18 years experience in the business incubation industry, for those who started the business incubation development in their countries like Raivo Tamkivi, Estonia, Janis Stabulnieks, Latvia, Tivadar Lippenyi and Aniko Soltesz, Hungary, Artemis Saitakis, Greece, Christian Herrmann and Heinz Fiedler, Germany or Antal Szabo, who brought the global experience of the UN ECE, Switzerland.