29th SPICE Meeting 56th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Zagreb, Croatia
19 – 20 Jun 2000

This first SPICE meeting in Croatia was held in the framework of an international conference (more than 20 countries represented) on technology transfer. Jadranka Svarc, Head of Department in the Croatian Ministry of Science and member of ICECE / SPICE for many years already not only proved her professional skills as a conference organizer, but also impressed participants with her hospitality. Also a member "from the first hours of ICECE", Nikola Ruzinski, joined the meetings and accompanied a SPICE delegation for a visit to CTT, Center for Technology transfer in Zagreb, where a combination of technology transfer and business incubation activities is realized. This UN ECE (European Commission for Economy) sponsored conference was one more in the row of events focusing on cooperation between science and industry, namely the small and medium businesses—increasingly important for the restructuring of the economies in transitioning countries. SPICE has been already involved in a number of such events and will continue to expand these activities. The SPICE meeting in Zagreb generated much interest in the SPICE network from new potential partners and countries. A number of proposals for future activities with Croatian partners was generated.