28th SPICE Meeting 55th ICECE Work Group Meeting

St. Petersburg, Russia
13 – 17 Jun 2000

The 5th Annual High Tech Exhibition and Congress in St. Petersburg showed many examples for positive development. The exhibition first time was combined with two specialized fairs displaying innovations from industry. This addition to the science based innovation contributed much to expand the interest in the event. The conference program organized in parallel was not one big conference with "presentations as usual", but a combination of five conferences, workshops and seminars specialized on very different topics, such as training people for supporting international business cooperation (organized by SPICE/ADT), a business-to-business meeting for companies in software development, a conference on innovation support in Russia and the inauguration meeting of a new Russian organization: The "Association of Innovative Business Incubators". The "Technology Week" in St. Petersburg provided the perfect background for individual contacts and negotiations, for example the SPICE Group could bring forward negotiations with governmental representatives for new projects. Last not least, once again Slava Khodko showed what the "White Nights" in St. Petersburg have to offer.