27th SPICE Meeting 54th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Kaunas, Lithuania
8 – 10 Jun 2000

"BALTIC DYNAMICS", the annual conference of BASTIC, the Baltic Association of Science and Technology Parks and Innovation Centers came back to Kaunas, Lithuania. .... participants from .... countries attended this conference to discuss the actual status and the development perspectives for innovation support and business promotion. Again Pranas Milius succeeded organizing an informative and enjoyable event—this time being able to proudly present a functioning business and innovation center which has been developed on the basis of experience from the work of the technology transfer center of Kaunas Technical University. With support from the German TRANSFORM program and in cooperation with German partners this innovation center has been set up successfully and has begun to help creating mew companies. The practical experience with operating the incubator shows great demand and provided an excellent background for the conference work. The professionalism and warm hospitality of the team supporting Pranas Milius in organizing the event contributed much to the success of the event.