23rd SPICE Meeting 50th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Wildau, Germany
14 – 16 May 2000

It would have been a reason for a celebration: The 50th SPICE Meeting was the ADT SPRING Conference in Wildau near Berlin, Germany. However members are tired of parties and therefore concentrated on work. A very comfortable hotel right next to a beautiful lake, sunshine and temperatures near to 30° C could not keep participants from working on the future of innovation centers. A special workshop on Polish—German cooperation (a typical SPICE topic, isn't it?) was moderated by Heinz Fiedler and SPICE member Uwe Hoppe was one of the key speakers at this workshop. Other topics of the conference were "Quality of Innovation Centers", "Coaching", "technology Clusters", "Profiles of Innovation Centers", "Financing Enterprises" and "Facility Management".