20th SPICE Meeting 47th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Romo, Denmark
17 – 19 Mar 2000

Romo, the famous Danish beach island, was the right place for a SPICE meeting focussing on "Rural and Small Town Economic Development", a topic of increasing importance in Western countries as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. The cool and rainy weather supported the desire of participants to enjoy the presentations from different countries summarizing existing practical experience from innovation centers as well as concrete business projects. The relaxed and positive climate of the meeting, created by the hospitality of Peter Asmussen, Executive Director of the South Jutland Economic Development Center and Uwe Jessen, responsible for the perfect organization of the event, provided a perfect basis for intense and open discussions and enabled participants to learn from each other. Projects to further strengthen cooperation between the innovation centers around the Baltic Sea were prepared or further developed at this meeting as well. The atmosphere of the meting, the effective work in an enjoyable environment and then concrete results of the meeting lead to an increasing interest in ICECE / SPICE membership of the invited guests.