18th SPICE meeting 45th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Almaty, Kazakhstan
24 – 27 Feb 2000

The first meeting of the year 2000 was the First National Conference on Business Incubation in Kazakhstan. Initiative for this conference was taken by the SPICE Group under the lead of Krzysztof Zasiadly. The event found great attention not only in Kazakhstan, but from 13 other countries as well. International experience in business support and entrepreneurship promotion was presented and intensively discussed. The conference, financially supported by the Soros Foundation (East-East-Program) and the German GTZ (Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit), was an important step to increase knowledge about the measures of small and medium business development and the importance of this sector for the country. A visit to the first business incubator in Kazakhstan provided direct impressions of the reality in this field in Almaty, the largest city of the country. The incubator uses the premises of a former prison — a symbol for the new development of the country?