14th SPICE Meeting 41st ICECE Work Group Meeting

Moscow, Russia
4 – 6 Nov 1999

The international conference "Business Incubation, Innovation and International Cooperation" brought together participants from many countries. Most interesting were the new approaches of Russian institutions towards entrepreneurship and business incubation. For example: After along time of competing initiatives to establish associations of innovation centers in Russia an important cooperation was announced at the conference: The existing association of business incubators, (the hosting RBIA, Russian Business and Innovation Center Association) will be joint by the new group initiating an association of innovation centers. This certainly will strengthen the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in Russia.In parallel to the conference the German—Russian Enterprise Cooperation Forum took place bringing together companies from both countries to establish business links. This event was successful as well and first time included visits to the Russian partner firms. This way more direct and personal impressions were made possible.The SPICE/ICECE dinner on the Moscow TV tower, 340 m above ground, was the highest dinner in SPICE history. As rain and clouds kept participants from enjoying the nightly view on Moscow this evening the participants concentrated more on the "internal values". Veniamin Kaganov and Vladimir Gorbunov with this event gave their membership in the ICECE Work Group an excellent start.