39th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Nishny Novgorod, Russia
10 – 13 Sep 1999

A German - Russian Enterprise Cooperation Forum was held in Nishny Novgorod at the "All Russian Exhibition: Russia on the Step into the next Century". In this environment the ICECE Work Group helped organizing different workshops on business cooperation as well as incubation. On important aim was to discuss how business incubators can develop professional services for companies seeking for or working in international business cooperation. Another topic was the exchange of information about business incubators. The example of the incubator "SAW Sad" in Nishny Novgorod was studied with greatest interest. This incubator follows an entrepreneurial approach and has achieved remarkable results - especially if the political and economic conditions of Russia or more specifically the region of Nishny Novgorod is taken into account.

The outcome of this ICECE meeting was—besides numerous business contacts for companies from both countries—a concept for further developing business incubators in the region—hopefully with some foreign support, financially as well as providing support for accessing foreign markets.