**1st SPICE Picnic** 13th SPICE Meeting 38th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Budapest, Hungary
2 Jul 1999

This SPICE meeting was a First. It was the first "official" cultural initiative in the network and the first SPICE Picnic and Open Air Classical Concert.

The annual Beethoven festival in Martonvasar (near Budapest) offered the occasion to arrange the SPICE event. The lake in the beautiful park of Martonvasar, a small castle in which Beethoven liked to live for a while, was the best possible place for a picnic with SPICE members and friends from Hungary, Slovakia and Germany. New and interesting contacts with much potential could be established and very delicious home made Hungarian food could be enjoyed—not to talk about Beethoven's 3rd symphony, a special experience if performed in the woods with the birds singing.