10th SPICE Meeting 35th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Tallinn, Estonia
12 – 14 Jun 1999

Again well attended and of outstanding quality—like the BALTIC DYNAMICS Conferences in Kaunas (1997) and Riga (1998). The SPICE Group was extra ordinarily strong represented and played an important role in preparing the conference. The presentations of the Forum were of high quality and are—new feature in the SPICE World—available in the VIRTUAL FAIR, on Internet (http://web.ee/virtual). This is a company presentation developed and implemented by Raivo Tamkivi; the host of the ICECE Forum. The conference program offered a wide spectrum of information about the results and future development of innovation centers. Impressive examples for the role of science and technology parks were the presentation given by Kyosti Jaaskelainen, Finnish Science Park Association, FISPA, who reported on the integration of FISPA activities in the governmental innovation and economic policy or Gerhard Raetz, German Association of Innovation Centers, ADT; who discussed the future perspectives of innovation centers and the need to further develop their services and quality. The Forum offered too many aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship to be listed in this place. Just one more example for important specific topics: Peter Welburn, who discussed the legal implications of Internet use, a topic most of the users have not yet thought about sufficiently.

The receptions and other social events of the conference e.g. the conference opening with "The Girls Choir Ellerheim" or the ballet "Norway - Estonia In Pas", produced fertile ground for intensive exchange of information and effective preparation work for future projects. The outcome of this Forum was not only information, but a number of projects concepts and business plans as well.