8th SPICE Meeting 33rd ICECE Work Group Meeting

Chicago, United States
21 – 24 Mar 1999

The Annual NBIA Conference attracted more than 500 participants from all over the World. The SPICE Group supported NBIA in organizing the international roundtables and discussions at the conference. The high level of participation and the intensive discussion showed a growing interest in international matters. The SPICE Group held a special meeting focussed on "Business Incubators in Military Base Closure Projects". The introduction to this topic was given by Tom Shea, Office for Economic Adjustment of the US Department of Defense. Tom is very experienced in the field of base closures and supports the ICECE/SPICE activities in this field. One basis for this discussion were meetings some SPICE Members (C. Herrmann, J. Milanette and H. Fiedler) had prior to the conference in Washington DC. The result of the discussions in Washington and Chicago was the decision to put some more work into this topic to find out if there is a potential for projects to be carried out by the SPICE Group. The first such projects already is under preparation: A Study Tour on military conversion to the USA.