6th SPICE Meeting 31st ICECE Work Group Meeting

Berlin, Germany
8 – 10 Nov 1998

The 10th Anniversary of the ADT, Association of German Technology and Business Incubation Center, offered an outstanding possibility to celebrate the 5th SPICE Meeting. The conference was attended by more than 200 delegates and offered presentations by leading personalities from industry, banks, policy, unions and public administration. With support of the SPICE Group and based on financial support provided by the German Federal Ministry of Economy first time an "International Business Forum (IBF)" was organized to establish business-to-business contacts between companies from the Czech republic, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia and Germany. The SPICE network proved to be a reliable basis for preparing such business contacts. Further initiatives of similar kind are planned for the coming year.

The SPICE/ICECE Meeting was attended by 19 members, some of them in parallel busy with supporting the business contacts of the IBF. Main topics of discussion were the necessary lobbying activities for the restructuring of international support programs - on the national levels as well as from the EU. Furthermore future projects of the SPICE Group and coming events for 1999 were discussed. The 5th SPICE meeting was closed with a dinner together with the companies attending the IBF on invitation of the "Norddeutsche Landesbank" in the "Blue Planet", a TV studio in the city center of Berlin.