**4th ICECE Forum** 28th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Sibiu, Romania
9 – 11 Aug 1998

The Workshop "Strategies for Regional Development: Self Employment, Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation—Relation between Regional Initiatives and National Policy" was held in the Senate Hall of the University of Sibiu. 34 participants from many cities in Romania used this opportunity to learn from international experience, especially from the Study Tour to the USA (see 26th Work Group Meeting). Berta Benedek, Victoria Visan, Ioan Piturescu and the host of the workshop, Ioan Stoia, all participants of the study tour presented their ideas and views as a basis for discussion. Moderated by Christian Herrmann and Heinz Fiedler the attendees intensively discussed the situation of entrepreneurs in Romania and how international experience can be used to develop the structure for SMEs in the country. The workshop was attended by Horia Ene, Minister for Research and Technology, who used this possibility to gain first land information and actively participated in the discussion.

Visits to the magnificent medieval Old Town of Sibiu ( founded in the 12th century), the mountains in the surrounding as well as to local enterprises and the Business Incubator Sibiu made this workshop a very fruitful and enjoyable event. Projects to develop an national association, international business collaboration and entrepreneurship were drafted as a result of the Workshop which was financially supported by the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation.