3rd SPICE Meeting 27th ICECE Work Group Meeting

St. Petersburg, Russia
16 – 19 Jun 1998

The 3rd Exhibition and Conference on Russian High-Tech as well as the first German-Russian Conference on Cooperation in the Field of Technological Services set the framework for the 3rd SPICE Meeting. The exhibition and conferences were attended by more than 550 participants, about 220 of them representing German enterprises. Organized by the St. Petersburg Center for International Cooperation, Slava Khodko, (in cooperation with the ADT, German Association of Technology Centers, and supported by the German Ministry for Economy) this event became a new milestone in the development of Russian - German business collaboration. Never before so many German enterprises attended a similar event in Russia.

The SPICE Meeting concentrated on actual developments in Belarus - Anatolij Grishanovich and Franz Dietrich reported - and a new topic: legal matters. As a guest speaker Peter Welburn, England, gave and overview on the most important issues in international contracts. His wide experience in this field was presented with many examples illustrating not only potential risks but proposing solutions at the same time.

The White Nights of St. Petersburg this year were not as white as usual. Clouds and sometimes heavy rain did not allow the sun to show its potential fully. But this fact did not keep the SPICE Members away from exploring the environment of the city - for example the Castle of Catherine the Great in Pushkin - and the city itself. Day and Night...