2nd SPICE Meeting 26th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Philadelphia, United States
1 Jun 1998

The 12th NBIA Conference provided the framework for the 2nd SPICE Group Meeting. A Study Tour of Central European Experts (Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Germany) organized jointly by the SPICE Group and the NBIA and funded by the German Marshall Fund of the United States was combined with a participation at the NBIA Conference and the 2nd SPICE Group Meeting.

Two years after the ICECE/SPICE met the first time in the USA (New Orleans, 1996) it was confirmed again that business incubators and innovation centers in Eastern and Central Europe have progressed significantly. Experience and models from ECE countries meanwhile have became an "export product" not only to countries further East in Europe, but also as a feed-back to the Western countries. The meeting additionally contributed to strengthen and expand the SPICE network.

An important internal affair of the SPICE Group was the identification of the "official mascot" of our network: The wart-hog "Pumbaa". Here you can see an artist impression of this mascot (© Ioan Piturescu).