24th ICECE Work Group Meeting

Warnemunde, Germany
15 Nov 1997

Hosted by one of the first innovation centers in Eastern Germany, the "Technology Center Warnemunde (TZW)" an international conference on networks of innovation centers in Northern Europe offered the possibility to develop the links with partners in Scandinavian countries. A number of ICECE Members were invited to present and contributed with their experience to the success of the conference. The managing director of the TZW, Petra Ludwig, hosted the ICECE Work Group Meeting and welcomed the ICECE Members personally.

A special topic of the meeting was the presentation of a research project on innovation centers in Central Europe. This project is carried out by the "Free University of Berlin" and ICECE Members will significantly contribute to this scientific project. Another ICECE project, an exchange program with American experts, was discussed and decided to continue preparations.

The new "Aims & Organization" document after receiving a "final polish" was approved. It was decided to sent the new "A&O" to all Members for individual approval with the intention to make it become effective from January 1, 1998.