23rd ICECE Work Group Meeting

Budapest, Hungary
4 – 5 Oct 1997

This Meeting was hosted by the Hungarian Members Tivadar Lippenyi and Aniko Soltesz and organized to strengthen the relation with the Hungarian members and their neighboring countries. The discussion therefore concentrated on topics of special interest for Hungary and contributed to the development of the national and regional network of innovation centers namely by integrating new partners. Presentations of experts in public private partnership (Christian Herrmann) as well as technology parks (Stefan Vratny / Bratislava and Herbert Hoffmann / Karls-ruhe) gave new impulses and ideas.

Activities between the meetings

The ICECE Meeting 23a was held in Tartu, Estonia to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Tartu Science Park with a seminar. This event was well attended by representatives of the local and national political, industrial and scientific institutions. SPICE Members presented were Heinz Fiedler, Janis Stabulnieks, Raivo Tamkivi.