3rd ICECE Forum 4th ICC Meeting 21st ICECE Meeting

Kaunas, Lithuania
5 – 7 Jun 1997

Hosted by the Innovation and Development Center (IDC) Kaunas, the 3rd ICECE Forum "Problems and Perspectives of Innovation-Oriented Activities in Central and Eastern Europe" was held together with an exhibition of innovative companies and products with greatest success. The ICECE News reported on this event with a special two-pages supplement to the anniversary newsletter No. 20, published on the occasion of the ICECE Forum.

The 21st ICECE Work Group Meeting was held jointly with the International Consulting Council (4th Meeting). The ICC elected a new chairman, Valentin Chebutrajov (Kiev, Ukraine) thanking Pranas B. Milius (Kaunas, Lithuania) for his work as the ICC chairman for the past year. The ICC decided to reconsider the statutes of the Council and prepare a revised proposal for the next meeting. Other important decisions were to strengthen the flow of information and the collaboration between the Work Group and the Council and to invite members to every meeting of either group. The ICECE Work Group decided as well to work on a revised basic document ("Aims & Organization") to strengthen the structural basis of the activities. A proposal for the revised document is to be developed as soon as possible and to be sent to the Members for comments and discussion at the next meeting. One of the Hungarian ICECE Members, Dr. Tivadar Lippenyi (Budapest) offered to contribute to the organizational work of the ICECE by establishing functions of the ICECE Secretariat in his innovation center INNOSTART.

The application for an ECOS/OUVERTURE project (Business Link Offices) was further developed during the meeting by a sub-group of the ICECE.