180th SPICE Meeting at the Baltic Dynamics 2015

Kaunas, Lithuania
26 – 28 May 2015

The 20th Annual “Baltic Dynamics” under the headline “Putting Keywords together in Innovation Ecosystem” was held end of May 2015 in the new building of the Kaunas Science Park that is part of Santaka Valley one of the five “valleys” of Lithuania. This conference gave the opportunity to gather SPICE Members for the 180th time.
The 180th SPICE Meeting was attended by Tomas Černevičius, Barbara Harley, Pranas Milius, Francisco Soares, Janis Stabulnieks, Ints Viksna, Martin Goroško, Larisa Brovarska, and Heinz Fiedler and marks the beginning of talks about the “Entrepreneurship Ecosystems” project. As usual, SPICE Members met not only during the event, but also throughout the Old Town of Kaunas to enjoy the lively atmosphere (day and night), impressions of Lithuania history, and the excellent food in various restaurants.
More information about the conference is available in SPICE News: http://www.spice-group.de/actual/#1117

Host: Kaunas Science & Technology Park
Contact: Tomas Černevičius send mail