179th SPICE Meeting at the Anniversary Conference of PPNT in Poznan, Poland

Poznan, Poland
20 – 21 May 2015

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the creation of the Poznan Science and Technology Park (PSTP) with an international conference was the reason for another SPICE meeting in Poznan.
PPNT is not only the first science / technology park of Poland, since the anniversary celebration it also is the first science park holding the certificate of the Polish Association of Business Incubation and Innovation Centers (PBICA). This association at the conference – for the fifth time - awarded innovative startup companies working in Polish technology parks and incubators. The “Park Eagle” Awards were issued (see separate report), by Marzena Mażewska, president of PBICA, Jacek Guliński, Directory of PSTP and Krzysztof Zasiadly founding president of the association.
At the 25th anniversary of the formation of Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation (FUAM) under which the Park operates offered an opportunity to share experience at an international conference “Cluster of Science, Technology and Innovation”. This international day with some 120 participants presented experiences from the US, Finland, and Germany as well as the view of the International Association of Science Parks. This day also offered visits to a number of its client companies and the two incubators of the science park. InQbator, the award winning technology incubator and the newest addition to the science park facilities, the chemistry incubator that was opened in 2013.
Discussions at the PBICA conference also dealt with matters of evaluating the quality of technology parks and incubators as well as the increasing need for financing their operations through providing targeted services to their client companies. This was a good starting point for members of SPICE Group to discuss the concept of “Entrepreneurship Ecosystems”; an approach that brings customer evaluations into considerations. This 179th SPICE Meeting was attended by members and guests from two countries, Poland and Germany and was more a series of bi- or trilateral meetings as several occasions.

Host: PBICA, Polish Association of Business Incubation and Innovation Centers
Contact: Marzena Mazewka send mail