20th ICECE Meeting

Sonderburg, Denmark
21 – 23 Mar 1997

The "Utviklingscentrum Syd" (UpS) in Sonderburg hosted this meeting and made it a very successful and enjoyable event. Regional economic development in this area close to the German border is actively promoted with different tools—the UpS being a key for supporting innovation in this framework. The dynamic development of this business innovation center demonstrates the strength of this concept in the most impressive way. Internationalization is not just an aim but reality in the work of this center, not only concerning the Southern neighbor but also across the Baltic Sea.

The Work Group developed two different models for the future organization of the work to be prepared in detail for the joint ICC/ICECE Meeting at the Third ICECE Forum in Kaunas. Other projects on the agenda were the interactive information system, the Internet representation of the ICECE WG and the "business link project".