2nd ICECE-Forum and 12th ICECE meeting, in Budapest (November 23-25, 1995)

Budapest, Hungary
23 – 25 Nov 1995

2nd ICECE-Forum and 12th ICECE meeting, in Budapest

2nd ICECE Forum
The first time in Hungary and in the framework of the National Annual Conference of Hungarian Business and Innovation Centers, this ICECE-Forum promoted the concept of innovation centers and entrepreneurship effectively at defining the future work of the ICECE Work Group. During the past four years since the first Workshop in Berlin innovation centers in ECE countries have developed to very different stages. In Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Russia national associations are established and working effectively. The Baltic States as well as Bulgaria are on their way to establish an association for business and innovation centers. The main goals for international collaboration are to strengthen links between existing national networks to organize the transfer of information and experience in the most effective way. At the same time the combined experience of these networks has to be made easily assessable for projects and initiatives in countries not yet having national support structures. The ICECE WG approved a new concept for the „ICECE News“ as a national and international newsletter. The „Country pages“ in this new scheme are aimed at giving a basis for more national identity and visibility. A standardized description system for the various types of initiatives - e.g. based on the experience of the „Blue ADT - Book for ECE countries“ - would help to identify potential partners for collaboration more easily.
Participation of representatives from the NBIA (National Business Incubator Association), USA, led to new impulses and an invitation to organize an ICECE WG meeting at NBIA’s Annual Conference 1996. This invitation was excepted and the meeting was scheduled for May 22-25, 1996 in New Orleans, USA.
For 1996 further proposals for ICECE WG meetings and forums have been made March 1996, Czech Republic/Pilsen: ICECE Work Group meeting, June 1996 in Mogilev, Belorus, ICC and 3rd ICECE-Forum together with a planned German - Belorussian Conference and June 1996 in St. Petersburg, Russia, together with an international conference on investments in Russia