19th ICECE Meeting 5th Anniversary of the ICECE Work Group

Berlin, Germany
8 – 10 Nov 1996

This Anniversary Meeting of the ICECE Work Group was celebrated with the International Workshop "Innovation Centers in Central Europe". Sponsored by the "German Marshall Fund of the United States" this Workshop summarized the actual situation of business incubation and entrepreneurship development in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. The results have been published as "ICECE-Focus No 2". The Work Group continued to discuss the future organization and agreed to prepare proposals for decision at the next joint meeting with the ICC. The project concept for an international interactive information and training system was drafted.

The Anniversary was celebrated with a special dinner "panem et cicenses" with an introduction and presentation of the director of the "German Museum of Games" (Chemnitz), who gave new insights into the relation between the daily working life and the principles of games. The participants found themselves enjoying to play old and new games and learning about human behavior at the same time.