Flyimg Dynamics: 151st SPICE Meeting at the Baltic Dynamics in Riga

Riga, Latvia
15 – 17 Sep 2010

The 15th annual BALTIC DYNAMICS conference ”Knowledge Flow in Innovation System: from Idea to Action”, was held mid-September 2010 in Riga, Latvia. About 360 participants from more than 30 countries one more time are confirmation for the importance of this event regarding innovation and entrepreneurship support Europe. But not only the conference provided space for getting actual information and exchanging views and experiences. Also the pre-conference workshops and business to business meetings contributed to efficient capacity building. For example the workshop of the SMEDGE project that provided information about doing business in Latvia and arranged almost 90 meetings of companies from Latvia; Estonia and Finland. The BSR InnoReg Transnational Training “Financing and Support for Start-Up Companies” discussed matters of incubation management and provision of services to client companies. For example, Heinz Fiedler, President of SPICE Group at this event provided training on international experience with incubators with different affiliations as well as client selection / graduation strategies as well
Flying Dynamics A special SPICE offer initiated by the conference and SPICE Meeting host Janis Stabulnieks, was provided to conference participants: to try to fly. The company AERODIUM offered to test their “Technology of Happiness” personally and take a flight in the vertical wind tunnel. This activity was combined with a SPICE Art Ball presentation including experiments with making the ball fly. Unfortunately the rain before the flight caused strong reflection from the spotlights. The photo and video documentation of this flight therefore is only of limited quality. However, all that did not limit the fun SPICE Members and friends had with taking their first flights – of course only after the necessary training in theory and practice (kind of aerobic) and with the right outfit. The flight team members successfully exercised their duties and happily returned to safe grounds with a sparkle in their eyes.
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Host: Tatvian Technological Center
Contact: Janis Sabulnieks send mail