149th SPICE Meeting at the International NBIA Conference

Orlando, United States
16 – 19 May 2010

At NBIA’s International Conference on Business Incubation held in Orlando, Florida with more than 500 participants from 40 countries SPICE members gathered for their 149th meeting. This added to the numerous opportunities the conference provided for personal contact with professionals from around the globe.
The conference also celebrated the NBIA's 25th anniversary and featured a panel of global incubation leaders, including Peter Harman, CEO of UKBI and chaired by NBIA President David Monkman discussing the challenges and opportunities facing the industry
Another conference event with global impact was the 21st GBIN Summit; the annual meeting of leading representatives of national business incubation associations. The Orlando GBIN Summit was attended by representatives from 11 countries and was chaired by NBIA’s new President and CEO, David Monkman, the Summit discussed development strategies for associations.
Another topic was the recent improvements of the information system “SPICA Directory", presented by Heinz Fiedler.

More about the conference: www.nbia.org/events/ and about the awards at ww.nbia.org/success_stories/awards/2010/.
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Host: NBIA
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