The 166th SPICE Meeting,10th SPICE BÄR Meeting & 3rd G & G event

Berlin, Germany
13 – 16 Dec 2012

The last SPICE event for the year 2012 was the 10th SPICE BÄR meeting. To celebrate the anniversary this meeting – usually just a dinner of the SPICE Group members in and around Berlin – was organized as a workshop and combined with the Third G & G meeting.
The SPICE G&G Meetings during recent years have been a meeting of friends coming together for exploring Christmas markets in Berlin and tasting the Glühwein (hot wine with various spices) and grilled sausages – besides other delicacies, of course. Combining this meeting with a Workshop made both parts not only interesting and fruitful, but also very enjoyable.
16 participants from 6 countries attended the event from Latvia Janis Stabulnieks and Ints Viksna from Lithuania Pranas Milius and Tomas Černevičius, from Poland Krzysztof Zasiadly, from Portugal Fran-cisco Soares, from Turkey: Omer Oz, and from Germa-ny Florian Seidel, Gerhardt Raetz, Heinz Fiedler, Karl-Heinz Klinger, Larisa Brovarska, Rolf Friedrichsdorf, Uwe Seidel and as guests Agnes von Matuschka and Sven Ripsas.

Host: Rolf Friedrichsdorf
Contact: Florian Seiff send mail