155th SPICE Meeting at the 25th NBIA Conference in San Jose, California

San Jose, California, United States
9 – 12 Apr 2011

Ten years after SPICE Group celebrated its 10th anniversary at an NBIA conference in San Jose, California both returned to the Silicon Valley. SPICE Group for one of its 2o years celebrations; NBIA for its 25th International Annual conference .
As usual‖ participants from all around the globe attended the event that one more time proved to be one of the most important meeting points for the business incubation industry all around the world.
Like ten years earlier NBIA at this conference hosted a Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations, this time hosted by David Monkman, CEO of NBIA and attended by 16 representatives of 11 associations / countries.
The 155th SPICE Meeting was attended by 16 members from 7 countries. The main part of the meeting was held as a dinner near the conference restaurant with Barbara Harley, (USA), Francisco Soares (Portugal), Heinz Fiedler (Germany), Ingrid Rosten (USA), Jeff & Karla Milanette (USA), Larisa Brovarska (Poland), Mikael Hult (Sweden) Richard White (New Zealand), and Yeung-Shik Kim (South Korea) as well as guests Phil Kemp (Australia), Jonathan Kirkpatrick (New Zealand), Terutaka Tansho (Japan). Other parts of SPICE gatherings at this event also were attended by SPICE Group members Dinah Adkins (USA) and David Monkman (USA) who could not attend the SPICE dinner.

Host: NBIA National Business Incubation Association
Contact: David Monkman send mail