18th ICECE WG Meeting

Kierkz, Poland
12 – 13 Oct 1996

This ICECE meeting—held at the Annual Conference of the PBICA Polish Business and Innovation Center Association (more than 160 participants)—was attended by Members representing eight countries and focused on ICECE projects, the future organization of the ICECE Work Group as well as co-operation with the ICC. Concerning the ICECE activities one important topic was to use the INTERNET for communication between the partners in different countries more intensively and effectively. This should finally be aimed at supporting small enterprises in finding partners for international business collaboration. The proposal to organize a more formal structure of the ICECE—ICC—collaboration, to strengthen the integration of national associations and to introduce membership fees was discussed intensively. The result of this discussion will be forwarded to the ICECE/ICC Members to reach a common approach for the next steps.

The Work Group Meeting was combined with a Special Workshop on Public—Private—Partnership, held and financed by the company "P 3 Euro Consult". This workshop was received with greatest interest as it showed way of co-operation between the public and the private sector to realize projects (from roads to hospitals and innovation centers) despite of the lack of public budgets. Follow-up meetings might take place in Poland, Croatia and Macedonia.