162nd SPICE Meeting & Dinner in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, United States
6 May 2012

The Annual NBIA Conference and the Global Summit of Business Incubation Associations gave the opportunity for SPICE Girls & Boys to meet for the 162nd SPICE Dinner. A restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisine (with a focus on Turkish delicacies) in an outdoors setting was the chosen place for the 12 SPICE group members and 3 guests, together from 11 countries: Dominican Republic: Rosendo Alvarez, Germany: Heinz Fiedler, Larisa Brovarska; Portugal: Francisco Soares; Saudi Arabia: John & Yvonne Mercer Sweden: Mikael Hult, Anders Nilsson; South Africa: Leon Lourens, USA: Jeff & Karla Milanette, Barbara Harley, Ingrid Rosten and guests from Belgium. New Zealand and Puerto Rico. Not only the menu of the restaurant offered a good selection of tasty food, but also the special entertainment this restaurant offered by surprise was enjoyable: Oriental music and a belly dancer for some time took all attention with her show. Not much talks for a while.
The SPICE Dinner again was a great opportunity for catching up with other members and new acquaintances - and as usual is was too short for talking with all participants. Additional (lunch and bar and / or lobby) meetings were needed to discuss all topics on the agenda. The NBIA conference as one of the truly important meeting point of the business incubation industry of the world Participants (and SPICE members) from all around the planet.

Host: NBIA
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